Female Executive Portraits

I photograph executive portraits frequently, in studio at Blue Sky Photography in Troy, along with shooting on location at client’s facilities. Although I enjoy both studio and location portraits, shooting against environmental backgrounds can often be a bigger challenge. There is more involved than just a simple portrait lighting set-up against a seamless backdrop.

Attorney 175 ia4In the photograph above, the client desired a very shallow depth of field which required shooting through nearly three stops of neutral density, even with the strobe lights set to their lowest settings. And to complicate matters even further, I had to deal with reflections from the conference room glass walls. But that’s why I like shooting environmentally; bigger challenge, bigger reward.

About David Trott

Commercial photographer with extensive location and studio experience. Work well in team environment with art directors and designers. Comfortable in self directed situations when clients are unavailable to participate in shoots. Experienced in photographing high profile personalities and CEO's, as well as professional talent. I welcome all types of challenging client assignments. My goal is to supply the highest quality photographs possible to advance the client's image, whether local, national or worldwide.