Semi Truck Location Photography


In the commercial photography world, schedules and deadlines are paramount. We are usually awarded photography projects a few days or a couple of weeks in advance, but for this project for WABCO, we were requested to shoot with less than four hours advance notice! Fortunately I had no other photography bookings for the day so I was able to pack my gear and rush off to location. The directives for this shoot were to photograph a WABCO truck in an empty lot in the correct perspective to strip into this stock photo background the client had purchased the rights to that very same day. After some late night retouching, I was able to deliver the finished project the next day in order for the client to meet their deadline.

About David Trott

Commercial photographer with extensive location and studio experience. Work well in team environment with art directors and designers. Comfortable in self directed situations when clients are unavailable to participate in shoots. Experienced in photographing high profile personalities and CEO's, as well as professional talent. I welcome all types of challenging client assignments. My goal is to supply the highest quality photographs possible to advance the client's image, whether local, national or worldwide.