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Industrial Tools

Industrial Tool Photographer

I’ve always loved photographing shiny things – doesn’t really matter what it is. Reflective things like a car, jewelry, or in this case, an industrial tool, all fascinate me. Controlling reflections to reveal the shape as well as to make a compelling photograph, is my kind of challenge.  Spiralock makes this tap for cutting threads that lock a bolt in place without a lock-washer. I just like the way it looks. As always, I’m interested in your thoughts.

Safety Photography

Detroit Studio Photography

There are plenty of dangerous places to work around Detroit. But working in a hazardous environment should not be hazardous to your health. Providing that protection is my client’s job. My job is to make their product interesting to look at. I did the studio photography and Dave did the location photography for the project. We are always interested in your thoughts and comments.


Racing Wheels

Detroit Automotive Photographer Thomas Kirbt

Shooting beautiful, shiny automotive parts is a perk of working and living in metro Detroit. Sure the area has it’s problems, a cyclical economy, the city is bankrupt… Still, if you like cars it’s the place to be. This wheel is formed in three parts to create a strong, light and attractive racing wheel, and it’s made right here in metro Detroit. As always, I am interested in you comments.

Industrial Product Photography

Industrial Product Photographer Thomas Kirby
Industrial products often have a story to tell, like how or why they enhance production, or the utility of a specific product. It’s my job to tell that story visually. How do all those parts fit together to make a connector? As always I am interested in your thoughts.

Macro Photography

I had a couple of down days so I thought I’d shoot something for me. It’s a series of close-up photos of fruit and vegetables. Can you guess what fruit or vegetable this is? If it weren’t a fruit or vegetable what might it be? The rest of the series is on my personal blogAdvertising PhotographyPlease let me know what you think.

Man Cannot Live by Bread Alone

With Zingerman’s bread, I might give it a try. Fortunately, I can get it at a nearby market. The bread itself is beautiful, and the fig jam adds a warm glow. Food photography is fun and challenging. As always, I am interested in your thoughts.Metro Detroit Food Photography

Cutaway Product Photography

When telling a story, sometimes you need to see below the surface. It’s sometimes done with a saw, if it is going to be displayed there is little choice. A display company would be able to find someone with all the necessary skills, but it would be expensive. If it is just for photography, then it can often be considerably more affordable. This image is part of a brochure for a backup emergency lighting system. On the outside it appears to be an attractive red box. The story is inside. Shooting multiple images and assembling them in PhotoShop is how it was done. Let me know what you think.
Michigan Product photographer Tom Kirby

Industrial Photography

Detroit Industrial Photographer Tom Kirby

It may look like this was shot in a gritty, dimly lit industrial warehouse, but in fact, it was shot in the relative comfort of our studio. I found a floor to shoot at a factory nearby, and stripped that in under the lift truck. I love that photography can portray an alternate reality. In fact, that’s the core of our business, to make things look better than they actually do. In this case, few industrial warehouses with this lift truck would be quite so gritty. These are high-end lift trucks and more likely to be found in a modern commercial warehouse that is clean and well lit. I like the tough gritty feel though, as it does communicate that it’s a durable, well built machine. As always, I’m interested in your thoughts.

Detroit Jewelry Photographer Tom Kirby

Jewelry Photography

I don’t wear any jewelry myself, except for my wedding ring, but I do appreciate the beauty of it. A good friend of mine is a jeweler, and I love photographing his work. I’m always amazed that he can start with a lump of metal, a hammer, torch, files, and some other tools and the result is a piece of art. It’s challenging shooting jewelry, with all the shiny surfaces and stones, but I enjoy shooting highly reflective objects. It helps if they are pretty, but shiny industrial parts are fun too. Richard’s hands are a little worse for wear. He uses his thumbnail to check the sharpness of files, and polishing compound gets into all the nooks and crannies on his fingers. It’s a perfect contrast to the brilliant perfection of his jewelry. As always, I am interested in hearing your comments.Jewelry Photography

Automotive Wheel Photography

One of the really great things about living in the Detroit area, is the automotive industry. It’s not just the car companies, but all of their suppliers and the aftermarket companies too. Customizing our cars for style, speed or utility is an American tradition. I can remember looking through JC Whitney catalogs before I could drive. Wheels, tires, bed liners, roof racks, sun roofs, towing packages, the list goes on and on.

Detroit Automotive Parts Photography

An entrepreneur has a passion for racing wheels, and I get to help promote them. These are racing wheels, not ordinary cast aluminum, but three individual pieces bolted together. Photographing shiny products is always fun and challenging.  As always, let me know what you think.