Lumber Mill

I'm sure I've said it before, but its probably worth repeating: commercial photography is a rush. I was recently in northern Michigan photographing a lumber mill for a repeat client when about three-quarters through the shoot she commented, "This was probably a dull shoot for you". "On the contrary", I replied.  I had been just thinking how awesome it was to make a living at something I love to do, travel (even though its just to an out-of-town industrial site), and see and learn things we have a tendency to take for granted.  Like what goes into creating a 2"x6"!  It was really quite fascinating to see the entire process of giant timbers being off-loaded from logging trucks, debarked, ripped, dried, sorted, planed and bundled, before once more taking a truck ride to Home Depot or an alternative lumber yard.  The automation process was a thing of beauty and I couldn't but marvel at the ingenious minds that put it all together.