Since Chicago is one of my favorite cities, I was delighted to be awarded a photography assignment there earlier this month. I was hired to photograph a new Maserati / Fiat automotive dealership just weeks after they completed final construction. The dealership was unusual as it had two distinct showrooms; one for the value conscious Fiat customer, and one for the Maserati shopper,  where money doesn't seem to be an issue. Naperville 098 ss

It was an interesting dichotomy as I watched the Fiat shoppers inevitably make their way over to the Maserati side, just for a glimpse of what money could buy!  Either way, they came for an Italian built automobile.


Back to Detroit

As a photographer living in metro Detroit I have to admit with a shade of chagrin, that I don't often enter Michigan's largest city except when passing through on my way to an alternative destination. There are of course exceptions: the annual pilgrimage to the North American Auto Show, the occasional Tiger's game at Comerica Park, or a sumptuous repast with friends in Greektown.

However I recently found myself drawn to Detroit's city center in search of suitable locations for photographing the new Fiat 500. I spent a good part of a day walking the streets of downtown scouting for the quintessential backdrop for my planned automobile shoot. Not only was it a successful photo scout and car shoot, but it was enjoyable to reconnect with the Motor City, not just by driving through, but by actually treading feet on pavement.

Bottom line: It was fun to be Back to Detroit !!!