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Detroit Industrial Photographer They're not jewelry, they're far more functional. The only outward similarity is that they're shiny metal. They nonetheless, feel kinda like jewelry, or at least that’s one of my goals. Despite the need for rigorous functionality they are surprisingly beautiful objects. Whatever their purpose, they're fun to shoot. As always I am interested in your thoughts and comments.

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As a commercial photographer, I'm often awarded a location assignment without the opportunity to do a preliminary scout prior to shoot day.  In these instances we really don't  know what perils may await us. We hope for spotless factories with pristine machinery and well groomed operators. However, those hopes are usually dashed moments after arrival. EPIC ss BlogThe facility photographed above , EPIC in suburban Detroit, was an exception to the norm.   We were welcomed into an almost sterile-like environment, showcasing a meticulously clean assembly line. Not all industrial photography projects will be as clean as this one, but we can always hope.

Still Life Product Photography

Detroit Product PhotographerThere is product photography, and then there is product photography. What I mean is, you can photograph a product on white which will represent the product and the buyer can glean information from it to better understand what’s being purchased. There are lots of good reasons to do this, and it can be very attractive too. On the other hand, you can put the product in an environment so that it conveys an emotional message as well. A tubing cutter is perhaps not the product you would think of as an emotional buy, but, who doesn't like nice tools? The shiny black one sure does look better! As always, I’m interested in your thoughts.

Product Photography - Simple!

If things work like they should, most of us don’t install stoves or clothes dryers very often. If it’s a gas appliance, it’s going to involve connecting up the gas. My problem to solve is how to make a gas connector look interesting in a photograph. Graphic arrangement on an interesting background, camera angle, dramatic lighting all work together. Simple! Fortunately, on this project I had the good fortune to work with a terrific art director. As always, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.Product Photography in detroit

Professional Photography For Giving A Midas Touch To An Ordinary Advertisement

Brand promotion and advertising is incomplete without photographs. The reason behind this is actually related to the psychology of humans. We are more attracted to the photographs printed in the newspapers and magazines than the written commercial messages. The colorful images help in establishing brand identity and give the customers a brief overview about the product or service which is advertised. In a nutshell it can be said that photography is a very important part of the advertising world and without it, attracting customers to read a print advertisement can be extremely difficult. Industrial Printer ss

If you need to create an advertisement for publishing on an online portal, newspaper or magazine, then I would suggest you to hire a product photographer. A professional photographer will make sure that the product is captured in the photograph in such a way that all the positive aspects are highlighted and the overall view is attractive. The image that the amateur clicks with a digital camera may have flaws, but professional high resolution cameras can produce flawless images when handled by a commercial photography expert. To add the perfect photograph for the advertising of your products, you should hire a professional photographer.

In case you are dealing in industrial machines and spare parts, then nothing can be better then employing an industrial photographer for creating the images of the machines and spare parts which you offer. The photographers who specialize in industrial photography have a talent for the requirements of your industry, and can capture splendid images for increasing the aesthetic value of your advertisement. A professional photographer can add life to any ordinary advertisement by creating flawless images of your products.

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