Studio Photography

Sausage Photography

Detroit Photographer Go ahead, guess what this is. Stumped? It’s sausage casing! Really! I just love the things I shoot. I hope the affection comes through in the photographs. Photographers have been shooting circles for ages. Usually it’s pipe, maybe with a couple of people wearing hard hats in front. I was drawn to the the luminescence of the casing. Less and less light getting through to the lower tubes. I like finding beauty in unusual places.

Macro Industrial Photography

Detroit Macro Industrial Photographer Photographing very small things can be challenging. The product in this photograph is an abrasive, but to be honest, I don’t know how it is used. I imagine that it’s similar to sand blasting. The largest of the stainless steel balls is about one millimeter in diameter. For comparison, a BB is about 4.5 millimeters in diameter. So these are pretty small. As always, I am interested in your thoughts and comments.

Detroit Commercial Photographer

Detroit Commercial Photographer Tom Kirby Motown is a fantastic place to photograph the industrial truck. There are lots of names for this indispensable industrial workhorse: hi-lo, fork truck, forklift, lift truck. This is a relatively simple one. It was nonetheless a blast to shoot. Personally, I like the red and black together; it’s awesome! A great client and crew make it easier to take interesting pictures. I am interested in your thoughts and comments.

Commercial Studio Photography

Commercial Studio Photographer - Tom Kirby

I love shooting in the studio! We recently had a full day shoot for a California client that was a blast. Great clients, great product and a great model added up to a successful  and productive day. There were some challenges encountered, like our wi-fi was not up to snuff. We have a fast enough internet connection, but the wi-fi was not. Problem solving kicked in and instead of piloting the unit though the computer, we attached and pulled a fishing line to illustrate motion manually. As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Car Photography

Stretch Impala

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a customized Impala. Silver is one of the easier car colors to light. All the breaks and shapes in the sheet metal almost define themselves. They added 6 inches to the back seat for a little more leg room. The grill was heavily modified too. More to come! As always I am interested in your thoughts.

Outlaw Mustang

Detroit Studio Car PhotographerI recently had the opportunity to photograph an Outlaw Mustang. Black cars are challenging to shoot, but that makes it more fun. Defining the complex shapes of a shiny car with light and reflection is only part of the goal. It’s also necessary to evoke an emotional response. This story is about how the chin spoiler, rocker sills, low profile rear spoiler and lots of other enhancements make it loads better! Let me know what you think!Outlaw Mustang Profile

Health Care Photography

Medical Device Photography Medical Equipment is fascinating stuff. We don’t usually think about the tools used in operating rooms. Lots of thought goes into the production of the medical devices that help surgeons to do their jobs. Fortunately for me, these tools are visually compelling as well. Very much a collaborative process, it’s vital to have input from clients who understand how they are used and what’s important to feature. Designers / Art Directors are essential as well; they are able to envision all of the uses for my photographs. I am always interested in your thoughts and comments.

Industrial Still Life Photography

Detroit industrial photographers Blue Sky Photography, Inc. Modern industrial products often start as forged parts. Heated to red hot, then pressed into shape by huge machines, these automotive components are likely in the car you drive. This intermediate stage can be challenging to photograph. A little spray paint and a some additional retouching help make the surface more uniform. Dramatic lighting and an interesting background help further still. As always I’m interested in your thoughts.


Detroit Product Photographer Tom Kirby I enjoy working alone. When you finish, you have a sense of accomplishment; you know the photograph is yours. Fortunately, I also enjoy collaborating with clients. Working with a designer or art director to create images that work for the client, and solving the visual problems to communicate their story can be enjoyable and gratifying. Collaboration is at the core of commercial photography. It’s my job to make real the image that lives in my client’s head. This is one of several photos we captured for a medical technologies firm. Working with a wonderful art director and writer/account person, it was a terrific day.

Con Leche Watch Shoot

Con Leche Watch Product Photography

I recently did a shoot for Con Leche Watch. It was interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a clever and attractive product. It’s a watch for breast-feeding mothers to help keep track of when they last fed their baby, and from which side. This may sound trivial, but if you are a sleep deprived nursing momma, I’m sure it’s a godsend. (I’ve only been a sleep deprived papa, so it’s only an educated guess...)

Product photography for the web

The watch comes in three models and with a choice of several strap colors. My client wanted a web customer to be able to select the watch model and then the strap with out the images jumping around on the screen. This turned out to be best solved in post production. After shooting all the watches and bands, I put all the images into a single layered photoshop file, then aligned and retouched them. By turning layers off and on, all of the various combinations are possible. I’ve created an animated GIF to illustrate the concept.

Product photography with mom and baby

The real appeal of the watch is that it removes a distraction and allows moms to better care for their babies. The challenge for me was to capture the enormous emotional and physical bond between mother and child.

Let me know what you think!