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I was recently awarded a project to photograph professional models for a medical device maker in Michigan. Stryker is a Fortune 500 company whom I've worked with numerous times. This particular shoot was done in studio with an emphasis on building a library of images the client could use for future marketing needs. It was an enjoyable photography session, as our talent pool was exceptionally good. Likewise, I had great art direction and a knowledgeable staff that knew the medical nuances of surgical wear. All in all, it was a great team effort.

Happy New Year

As the current year ends and a new year begins it’s a good time for introspection. Personally, I have family, friends, and health to be thankful for. A wider global view reveals many people working hard to make a better world. This includes people designing medical devices that perform well and protect health care workers from dangerous toxins. I don’t imagine advertising photography is saving the world, but hopefully, it’s more pleasant to look at. Thanks to all of our clients and suppliers for a wonderful year. May 2015 be even better!Medical Photographer Tom Kirby

Health Care Photography

Medical Device Photography Medical Equipment is fascinating stuff. We don’t usually think about the tools used in operating rooms. Lots of thought goes into the production of the medical devices that help surgeons to do their jobs. Fortunately for me, these tools are visually compelling as well. Very much a collaborative process, it’s vital to have input from clients who understand how they are used and what’s important to feature. Designers / Art Directors are essential as well; they are able to envision all of the uses for my photographs. I am always interested in your thoughts and comments.