Food Photography

Spice of Life

As a commercial photographer in Detroit, the next assignment can be incredibly different from the previous one.  One day I may receive a request to photograph a jet, and the next I'll be quoting a studio or location car shoot.  Industrial facilities are a common request as well as executive portraits or product shooting in our Troy based studio.  It is a diverse mixture of needs in the photographic world, and as the saying goes, "variety is the spice of life". 

I was able to experience some of that variety during the last two weeks as I was assigned to shoot an architectural commercial building in downtown Detroit, followed up by a luxurious homesite on Lake St. Clair, for a brick and stone company.  I photographed the home from several angles, including detail photos as requested by the client.  It was an enjoyable shoot, once more adding a little spice to the business of photography in Michigan.


Product Photography

Detroit Product Photography I completed a shoot for Letica not long ago. They make, among other things, plastic and paper cups, and plastic food containers. I shot the product in action. The photos were used for trade show banners – 84 inches high! Pour shots are challenging. It is necessary to do a fair number of pours to get exactly what you need. This shoot combined product and food as a prop. Ordinarily when I shoot food I like to work with a food stylist, but since the food in these shots was only a prop to help show off the containers, it was not essential to work with a stylist.