Con Leche Watch Shoot

Con Leche Watch Product Photography

I recently did a shoot for Con Leche Watch. It was interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a clever and attractive product. It’s a watch for breast-feeding mothers to help keep track of when they last fed their baby, and from which side. This may sound trivial, but if you are a sleep deprived nursing momma, I’m sure it’s a godsend. (I’ve only been a sleep deprived papa, so it’s only an educated guess...)

Product photography for the web

The watch comes in three models and with a choice of several strap colors. My client wanted a web customer to be able to select the watch model and then the strap with out the images jumping around on the screen. This turned out to be best solved in post production. After shooting all the watches and bands, I put all the images into a single layered photoshop file, then aligned and retouched them. By turning layers off and on, all of the various combinations are possible. I’ve created an animated GIF to illustrate the concept.

Product photography with mom and baby

The real appeal of the watch is that it removes a distraction and allows moms to better care for their babies. The challenge for me was to capture the enormous emotional and physical bond between mother and child.

Let me know what you think!